Fall Equestrian Photography Session at C. K. Boarding Stables, Xenia, Ohio

The property of C. K. Boarding Stables is surrounded by rolling meadows and woods, with the owner living on site in a cozy red brick farmhouse built over 100 years ago. A bright blue sky and gold and orange leaves made for a vibrant backdrop for Cathy and Whiskey’s photoshoot there last fall.

Cathy originally bought Whiskey as a “husband” horse about 20 years ago, but ended up keeping him for herself. They’ve won numerous championship ribbons and trophies together, many at the Camargo Hunter Trials. Hunter trials, part of the sport of foxhunting, are events held to test horses and riders’ ability to work together while navigating natural terrain during a simulated fox hunt. (Real foxes or coyotes might be sniffed out by the hounds, but are not injured during the hunts.)

Older horses are particularly special, I think, especially those who’ve been with their humans for a long time (as in Whiskey and Cathy’s case). Their partnership was such a joy to photograph! Here are some of my favorites.