Eventing Derby at Twin Towers Horse Park, Fairborn, Ohio

I was commissioned this past July to photograph Posey, a 2008 Thoroughbred mare being sold by Anna of Blue Flag Equestrian. Anna was competing Posey in an eventing derby put on by the Miami Valley Equestrian Association at Twin Towers Horse Park in Fairborn, OH, and wanted some competition photos for Posey’s ad.

Horse shows inherently have a special kind of excitement to them. Your time in the ring, or on course, can seem to go by so fast and then it’s over. But behind that brief, suspenseful moment of time is hours and hours and hours of work and practice–the only thing left to do is hope for good luck, and good weather.

And we had both the day of the derby! It was hot, and everyone was trying to find shade under what trees there were near the start and finish. But the sun was shining, and everyone was enjoying themselves.

Posey is a graduate of the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program, and showed a lot of potential for eventing. The more you’d ask of her, the better she’d perform! These are a few of my favorites of her round on the cross country course at the derby.