Family Photography Session at Sara Lee Arnovitz Nature Preserve, Xenia, Ohio

Sara Lee Arnovitz Preserve is a hidden gem comprising 43 acres of marsh and woodland on the north side of Xenia, OH. It’s peaceful and picturesque, and since these three enjoy visiting all the parks in Greene County, it was a natural choice for a birthday photoshoot. (Not that you need a reason to dress up and walk around a park–I certainly appreciated the bright color choices!)

We took some time to saunter down the boardwalk, toss rocks in the creek–if you find both a creek and rocks you have to throw them, you know–and of course, run back and forth on the bridge. Well, maybe little Elric was doing most of the running, I was just scooting back and forth trying to keep up with him! I find that with children and animals both, creating an environment where they feel relaxed and comfortable goes a long way towards a more enjoyable outcome for everyone.

Happy birthday, Elric and Christine! (Yes, they share the same day!)