MVEA Horse Trials at Twin Towers Horse Park, Fairborn, Ohio

The Miami Valley Equestrian Association is a volunteer non-profit created by equestrians local to the Dayton, Ohio area, dedicated to providing educational and competitive opportunities, and raising funds to maintain the Twin Towers Horse Park in Fairborn. The association’s focus is on Eventing, and it hosts several events, horse trials, and derbies throughout the year. This past weekend’s event, the May 7th-9th Horse Trials, had the distinction of being the MVEA’s first for the year, and also the first in a while to be recognized by the United States Equestrian Association!

Half of the dressage divisions were held on Friday, the first day of the event, which dawned bright and sunny. Since the horse trials are held over 3 days, the remaining dressage divisions and then the cross-country phase were scheduled for Saturday, with the show-jumping phase on Sunday.

As pleasantly sunny as it was on Saturday, however, Ohio’s weather had a storm in the wings that threatened 24 hours of blowing rain and the possibility of lightning. With the potential for the storm to impede Sunday’s proceedings growing as the trials went on, the show organizers decided to move the higher level divisions of show-jumping up to Saturday. As long as the lightning held off, the hope was that lower divisions could make their jump rounds in the span of a few hours early Sunday morning, before the rain became too heavy.

It did in fact rain, and the lower divisions did have to show jump in the rain, but the show was wrapped up and the last jump standards stowed away by noon. The show must go on, and all the commendable efforts of MVEA volunteers and riders both made that happen!

I was there volunteering Friday and Sunday. I had my camera with me on Friday, while I acted as ring steward, and photographed horses and riders as I had the chance. Several rounds of dramatically towering clouds swept in a few times, making for some interesting backdrops.

Here’s a few of my favorites. Enjoy.